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"Join me in supporting John Heyer for City Council. Over the years that we have worked together, he has demonstrated a strong commitment to community service and improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods. I know that John Heyer will be an effective Council Member who will get results for you."
Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman


International Longshoremen's Association
Independent Neighborhood Democrats
Uniformed Firefighters Association
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners

Here's what your neighbors are saying about John:

Frank Macchiarola, Chancellor, St. Francis College and former NYC Schools Chancellor*John Heyer is first class -- an intelligent and dedicated public servant with no agenda other than to do the best for our community. He will fight for all the children.

Lana Hoerburger, NYC Public School Teacher*, Retired
– I've known John from the time he was a student at PS 58. He is a lifelong resident of Carroll Gardens and he is very concerned about the education of our children, the safety of our streets, and the quality of life for the people in our neighborhoods. I believe he is the best candidate for his office.

Rose Marie Foglia, Member, Community Board 6* – I have known John Heyer for many years and have always been impressed by his zest and ambition. John is fully committed to neighborhood values and traditions. He whole heartedly involves himself in the issues at hand and works tirelessly for the causes he believes in. He is true to his beliefs, sometimes among harsh criticism but, nonetheless, stands firmly behind them. A vote for John Heyer is a vote for honesty, integrity and commitment.

Catherine Lau Hunt, President, Friends of Saint Saviour Elementary School*"John Heyer has demonstrated commitment to his community by being involved in events all over Brooklyn through the years. Whether it is a proclamation, a dedication, or a school or church fundraiser, John has been there. Besides being a member of the Cathedral Club, John recently became a board member of the Friends of SSES, a benefactor organization whose mission is to provide financial support for the academic environment at St Saviour Elementary School in Park Slope, which he attended. In this regard, John has once again shown his support and passion for what he believes in—the continuing success of Catholic education."

Laura Scott, Principal, PS 10* – John Heyer has demonstrated that he is a supporter of educational initiatives. There is no doubt that he would be an advocate for schools and the community.

Carolyn Zodda, NYC Public Teacher*, Retired – I have known John since he was a young child growing up in our community. He has been an active member of the church where he worships and the Civic Associations with whom he has been involved. He is a young man of strong conviction, a young man of sincere integrity, and a young man that is focused about doing an outstanding job on the City Council. He is the very best choice for representing our District in NYC government!

Msgr. David Cassato, Retired Chief Chaplain, NYPD* John has earned my trust by fighting for all the people of our neighborhoods. I know he will work to keep our streets safe and clean.

Jimmy Geratano, Knights of Columbus*
– When I think about John Heyer, one thing comes to mind: “Stand up for what you believe, even if you are standing alone”. John is a stand up guy and I know he will stand up for our community and for the people who live here.

Janet Lattey, UFT Member* & Park Slope Resident – John Heyer’s honesty and integrity are only surpassed by his commitment to, and concern for, what needs to be done in our community. He knows how to make things happen and will tackle the issues we care about – in Park Slope, and throughout City Council District 39.

Michael Di Martino, Retired NYPD CAO* – As a retired NYPD Community Affairs Officer, I know when a candidate understands what it takes to protect my fellow Brooklynites. I have worked successfully with John on numerous community issues. John Heyer understands that rolling up your sleeves, staying involved and maintaining basic services in difficult times is essential to the renewed prosperity of our neighborhoods.

Carmine Balsamo, Sanitation Workers Union* – As a resident of the Columbia Street Waterfront District, I thank John for all his help preserving the working waterfront, pushing through our down zoning and for his continuing concern for our neighborhood.

Chris Hannan, Board Member, Holy Name School* – We need John working for us on the City Council. He knows our communities, and he'll work hard to make sure our neighborhoods receive what they need to thrive. John knows what we care about and he's on our side.

Victor Masi, Doctor – John is a dedicated, hard-working community leader. He's fought for the people in our neighborhood for years. And I know he'll keep fighting for us in the City Council

Anthony Pugliese, CB6 Member and Board Member, Friends of Carroll Park* – John is a loyal person, dedicated to our community. He will fight for all working families. John represents the great qualities our community has always stood for.

Joe Bova, Democratic District Leader, 49th State Assembly District – In my work for the community as a Democratic District Leader, I have called upon John Heyer to aid in the resolution of problems and he has always been highly responsive. He has the courage to speak out and the dedication to follow through. He will make a fine addition to the City Council.

Salvatore “Buddy” Scotto, Community Activist
– I am proud to know John. He knows our neighborhoods better than anyone, and he's not afraid to stand up for what he knows is right. We need a real leader representing us on the Council, and that leader is John Heyer.

Valerie Westhoff, PTA President, PS 58* – John Heyer will stick up for our children and make sure that parents have a say in how our schools are run. I'm proud to support him for the City Council.

Maureen O’Neill, Windsor Terrace Homeowner – As a homeowner who raised my 4 children in the house my father grew up in, I love our beautiful borough. My beloved dad had a wonderful expression he reserved for inspirational people who lived their lives with integrity, compassion, and service to others: they were Brooklyn at its best! For those very same reasons, on September 15th, John Heyer has my vote for City Council – he is truly Brooklyn at its best!

Robert Scott, NYC Public School Teacher* – It's been a pleasure watching John interact with our English language learners. He's provided assistance at our annual school fair, provided access to and information about some of Brooklyn's cultural icons. He's a gem.

Jean Eschenauer, Teacher, St. Saviour Elementary School* – As a lifelong Park Sloper, I’ve seen the area change many times. I believe that is what is so special about this part of Brooklyn. Its buildings have the charm of the old world, but its people are modern and have needs that must be met to move successfully into the future. Its politicians must also be willing to be flexible enough to understand the incredibly diverse population. I believe that the man to do the job is John Heyer. He is what is needed because he understands how to retain traditional values while meeting the challenges of an ever-changing Brooklyn. What the City Council needs is John Heyer because of his contemporary and vigorous understanding of how government is supposed to work. He understands his job very well and has the vitality and knowledge to do it.

* Note: Organizations are listed for identification purposes only and in no way infer an organization’s endorsement.


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John Heyer for City Council District 39
Democratic Primary: September 15, 2009